School & Childcare Accounting Software


Saves schools time. Simplifies automated online billing & money collecting for things such as: Tuition, Fundraisers, S.T.E.M., Books, Field Trips, Childcare, or any other fees. Powerful, yet easy to use!

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You Get: A Customizable Pay Site

Designed to save you time and simplify all your billing. You get your own customizable subdomain, linkable from your website or stand-alone, so parents feel comfortable accessing the portal. Then customize how the site works, payment methods, dates, emails, contracts, pictures & text, and more. A complete school accounting software receivables solution.

Optimized to work with all internet devices including iPhone, Android, and tablets.

You'll love how easy it is to use and so will parents.

Automatic Payments

Parents can store their account information in our vault and payments will be automatically debited and sent directly to your school account.

Our merchant service partner discount rate provides you with one of the lowest rates in the industry.
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...and Scheduled Billing

Here is where you'll save serious time. Group all of your students into categories or grades and assign prices to those groups. Now, just a couple of clicks every cycle will bill parents all at once and then just watch as payments roll in!

Imagine billing all of your parents and getting paid with only a minute of your time. Bill once or setup recurring billing to occur automatically. Tweak the accounts you need to adjust.

Automatic late fees can be optionally setup in the configuration for late tuitions. The system automatically then takes care of late payers for you.

Optionally set-up per minute late fees for late pickups.
School Billing By Category School Billing Late Fee School Billing Per Minute
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Account Receivables

Track all types of receivables and assign them separarate accounts. Export them to Quickbooks or another ledger. Reports give you instant access to your data and for viewing everybody's balance in a glance. Receipts are automatically sent to payers. Credits are generated and tracked when parents overpay.

A School Store

Sell anything in your school store. Upload pictures directly from your camera, PC, or from the internet and sell them. Optionally post items in your store to the homepage to attract impulsive buys, generating additional income.

Included is a full shopping cart through which you can sell anything online. All money is transferred directly into the school account.
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Field Trip Manager

Field Trips

Schedule and broadcast field trips in emails. Parents can pay online ensuring their child's attendance. Print reports and know instantly how many kids are going. Optimized for K-12 schools and the childcare network.

Pre-Paid Lunches

A separate pre-paid account can be used for paying student lunches. Parents are notified automatically when the account gets low and can "charge-up" the account or set it to automatically charge-up. The cashier easily debits from these pre-paid accounts.
School Lunch Transactions
School Fundraisers


Create custom fundraisers for kids, which are a great way to increase revenues and pay for trips and things kids need.