Frequently Asked Questions

School Solution Background
I am currently outsourcing, can I benefit? EduTuit was designed to reduce your school’s dependence on outsourcing companies. Our software will allow you to take back control of your tuitions and reclaim as much as 80% of the revenues that you’ve been giving away.
Why choose EduTuit over outsourcing? Outsourcing is expensive for the parents. Take back what is rightfully yours. You can choose to keep the money for the school that the outsourcing company was charging parents and use it for better purposes. There is no other custom software like EduTuit.
What about complex tuition structures? Create multiple payment categories like Participating or Non-Participating, add and subtract custom discounts and charges to your tuition schedule and make them individually assignable. In addition to tuitions you can request parents pay other fees like books, fund raisers, and field trips, and customize the details. EduTuit was designed from scratch to handle complex tuition structures.
Can EduTuit school software import student data? Yes. Allow us to import your existing data into our system and prepare it for a seamless transition.
Will it work with schools that have special payment programs? Yes. You can make the payment schedule however it needs to be, and then adjust it later. Schools can even make auto-pay mandatory so that parents must have their accounts automatically debited.
How much does it cost the school? EduTuit SFS is free for the school. Just implement it in your school and your parents pay us when they enroll. See the pricing page.
Is it secure? Yes. We house the data on secure PCI compliant servers that are audited by independent security experts, and the code is written to the highest standards.
How long does it take to get started? Your school can be up and running with EduTuit in less than 24 hours. However, it takes up to two weeks to get a merchant account.
What type of relationship can I expect? At EduTuit we believe that strong business relationships are fundamental to long term success. In addition to providing the best software available, we will be there to help you every step of the way. We designed the software with you in mind, and we understand that learning a new system is easier when there is a friendly hand there to guide you through it. No matter how simple or how technical your questions may be, our live tech support department is here to make sure you remain 100% satisfied.
Is EduTuit affordable? EduTuit was designed specifically with the school's budget in mind. The cost of the system works out to be an affordable per-family fee that is about 80% less than outsourcing companies. This allows you to decide what to do with the extra revenue, whether it is a new gymnasium floor or a scholarship program, with EduTuit the sky is the limit.
Can it work with other school software? Many schools already have software they use to manage their students, grades, attendance, general ledger, etc. There are a whole host of school software companies who make that, but taking payments over the internet for tuitions and other fees is difficult to make and difficult to find. We specialize in that at EduTuit -- it's all we do. If you'd like your parents to pay you directly, easily, online, then this is the solution for you.
What type of support is offered? Standard and unlimited support is available.